Drive Traffic To Your Funnel With Facebook & Instagram Ads

July 9, 2021

Drive Traffic To Your Funnel With Facebook & Instagram Ads

Driving traffic using facebook or instagram ads can be one of the most effective ways to scale your ecommerce brand.

What makes Facebook & Instagram more effective than other platforms like google?

Google is very intent based. Meaning, someone is searching for your product and that’s a great time to serve them an ad.

Facebook & Instagram are more impulsive platforms. They allow you to create demand.

Google you are finding intent based searches and filling demand. Facebook and Instagram allow you to create the demand. Although Google is trying to get away from intent based searching and trying to determine which products to show you based on their algorithms.

Also, Facebook & Instagram allow for much more creativity on your advertisement. Although Google does have partner network advertisements where you can use creative, and the Google Shopping experience, Facebook and Instagram generally perform better.

What makes a great Facebook or Instagram ad?

  1. Targeting
  2. Content
  3. Budget


Targeting is determining who you want to show your ad to. Facebook has an incredible amount of data on its user base. They allow you to select interest categories, or even create lookalike audiences based on specific behavior.

For instance, you can create an audience that has similar behaviors of your purchasers. Or you can target audiences based on specific interests. You have the flexibility to choose.


Content is incredibly important in your Facebook ads. There’s multiple pieces that makes up the content for Facebook ads: Images or video and copy.

Your images and videos will be the main thing users see when they view your ad. If the add piques their interest, then they are more likely to read what your caption says. Getting the point across in a clear manner and testing different strategies is important.


Determining the right budget is essential when getting started running ads. If you spend too low, you won’t be able to get the proper data to make decisions on scaling or cutting your ads.

To determine your budget, we recommend determining your target customer acquisition cost and multiplying that by three. That number or $100, whichever is greater, should be your daily budget when starting out.

If you want to move slower, or you have a small target market, $50 is acceptable. We encourage you to spend some more money to get faster feedback and make adjustments. If your ads aren’t performing well after 48 hours, make adjustments and cut strategies that aren’t working.

That’s the beauty of Facebook ads. You can quickly adjust.

You’ll want to see a click thru rate of greater than 1% or your content is not resonating with that particular audience.

Why Facebook & Instagram ads?

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